Destination: Buenos Aires – Argentina

– Were you born in Argentina? Where are your family from?
I was born in China, also my parents. We moved to Buenos Aires when I was one year old. Two years later, my sister was born. So she is Argentinian.

– You are a Chinese teacher in Argentina. Why have you decided to teach Chinese? The argentines have difficulty to learn the language?
My parents didn’t want me or my sister to lose our culture and language so they send us to Chinese school every Saturday. Once I graduated the headmaster of the school asked me to teach, I was so glad and said yes. For me it is important for Chinese immigrants’ kids to learn their mother language that’s why I really love my ‘job’ it’s a way of giving back everything that the Chinese school gave me. Nowadays there are more and more Argentinians learning Chinese, it’s because of the importance that China is having and the economic relations between Argentina and china. Chinese it’s a very difficult language itself so I really admire the Argentinians that put so much effort in learning Chinese.

– Have you always lived in Buenos Aires? Have you ever been in other cities in Argentina? Which is you favorite?
As I said before I came here when I was one year old and I’ve always lived in Buenos Aires, Capital Federal to be more specific. I’ve been in San Luis, Bariloche (Rio Negro) and Cordoba. I think Argentina is so big and beautiful that one day I would love to travel around here. As I always tell people, we have all weathers from tropical to the freezing cold Tierra del Fuego.

– Which place you like the most in Buenos Aires?
My favorite place is Palermo. It’s a really big neighborhood or barrio as we called it, with different divisions like Palermo Soho, Palermo Viejo, Palermo Hollywood. You can do whatever you want, go shopping, have tea with friends, have a drink, there are many many pubs near Plaza Serrano where you can have happy hours, after office. It’s definitely my favorite place in the city. There’s even a new word for it: ‘palermiteando’, that means ‘I’m in Palermo’.

– Which is the best time to visit Buenos Aires?
Our weather is nice all year but I prefer spring. So around September, October is the best time. It’s not really cold or hot so you can go out with a t-shirt, jacket or hoodie. It’s nice to walk around because Buenos Aires is so big and it has so many places where you have to walk a lot.

– Tell us a place where a tourist should visit in Buenos Aires. Why?
Uff, there are just too many. If you like ferias and buy interesting stuff, you should visit San Telmo and Recoleta, these two are really famous, but different at the same time. San telmo it’s a MUST. It’s one of the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires. It has the tipical streets with rocks and old houses. Recoleta is a beauuutiful barrio with European style. Don’t forget to visit La Boca, with the famous Boca stadium, and Caminito. You can take lots of pictures with tango dancers there. Puerto Madero is an old port that has been transformed in one of the top places in Buenos Aires. It’s nice to walk around, have dinner and take pictures. Advice: go there at night, it’s beautiful. Teatro Colon is one of the oldest and most important theaters in South America. They say that the sound is unique. Buy tickets with time because they flyyyy!
If you have time, I think Tigre is a beautiful place to spend the day. There’s a beautiful feria overthere too. Those are just some of the MUST places you can go, I found a really interesting website for young tourist that want to have a good time here.

– In Buenos Aires, a tourist must be careful with…
Like every big city you have to be very careful. Buenos Aires nowadays it’s not really safe, so be careful when you go out at night or go to touristic places. Thieves can recognize if you are a tourist or not. Remember that here credit cards or debit cards are not that common. There are many places where you have to pay by cash. So remember that if you go to an ATM you can only withdraw 2000 pesos a day.

– Where is the best place to eat the famous Argentinian beef?
Argentina it’s all about beef so you are going to see the word ‘parrilla’ everywhere you go. The most famous one among tourists must be La Cabrera, it’s in the famous Palermo neighborhood, in Cabrera 5099. You have to make reservation one or two weeks before it’s quite crowded. There’s another famous one called Cabaña Las Lilas, situated in Alicia Moreau de Justo 516, Puerto Madero. Go with a big amount of money because it’s quite expensive. If you are not looking for fancy places or want something cheaper go to anyplace called parrilla, the beef is gonna be good anyway.

– You have Brazilian friends and we all know about the competition between Argentinians and Brazilians. How is to deal with it? Can a tourist feel the competition or is it just a cliché?
Haha, my heart is Argentinian so for me Argentina’s football and football players are the best in the world. A tourist can feel that Argentina is all about football. Sundays are football days so you will see football matches in every TV screen in cafes, restaurants, etc. I always tell my Brazilian friends that Argentina is better. I’m sorry guys! But it’s the truth!

– Who do you think is the best soccer player: Pelé or Maradona?
Between Pele and Maradona , Maradona of course! But for me the best soccer player of all times is Messi.

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