Destination: Japan

What do you love the most in your city? Convenience:  you can find convenience stores everywhere and they open 24 hours 365 days. You can find everything and whatever you want. And you can go to everywhere by trains.

What do you think needs to change in your city? I think we should have more green areas in the city.

Have you been to other cities in Japan? Which ones? Please, tell us a little about them. Yamanashi where my home town is located next to Tokyo. It has Mt. Fuji which is the highest mountain and the most beautiful mountain in Japan. Mt. Fuji was printed on 1000 bill. Moreover Yamanashi is famous of flouts which are peaches, grapes, and pears. Kyoto where is located on west Japan was the capital of Japan before Tokyo became the capital. It still keeps Japanese traditional cultures. You can enjoy architectures, foods, and clothes. It has old temples and shrines, for example, Kiyomizu temple is one of the most famous temples in Japan because of architects’ technique. It was founded in 798 and was used none of nails therefore. Kyoto has their original vegetables. You can enjoy its original foods made by its vegetable. And it is a special place for Japanese green tea which is called ‘Maccha’. Maccha tastes bitter and it is always served with tiny Japanese sweets. You can find some sweets which are made by Maccha. You may see Maiko who wear Kimono which is Japanese traditional cloth with makeup and special hair style.  You can try to wear like Maiko and take photos if you want.

How would you describe youth in Japan? They are fashionable both girls and boys. Even though boys, they dye their hair and trim their eyebrows.  You do not see girls without make up in the city because they really care about beauty and appearance.  You will be shocked that most of people are skinny too much.

Here in Brazil we have the impression that Japanese are connected people, always using cellphones and internet. Is it truth? Yes, people are really addicted to be with cellphones but it is same with people in other countries I think. People check email, facebook, and twitter etc…

A tourist in Japan should not miss… Shibuya (in Tokyo) is fashion town four youth and there is so many people in this town. Kyoto where is located on west Japan because it still keeps Japanese traditional cultures.

If I want to go out at night in your city what I will probably listen? What kind of music Japanese listen the most? We have night clubs as well so you can go to night clubs at Shibuya and Roppongi in Tokyo.  We listen to Japanese pops and American R&B and hip-hop.

A tourist have to be careful with… Japan is really safe place so you do not need to worry about pick porkers and other robs.  I just want to mention that many Japanese people still do not speak English, and most of signs on streets and stations are written in Japanese.

Which is the best season to visit Japan? Why? We have totally four different seasons, so you can enjoy every season. For example, Cherry blossom we call Sakura is beautiful in spring, we have many fireworks festivals in summer, you can enjoy view that leaves turn to be red in fall, and you may can see snow in winter.

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